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How does it work

WETNFIX® is a time saving solution. It eliminates the need to fill or redrill, so you can fix fixtures and fittings in their intended position almost instantly.

It is suitable to use in masonry, ceramic, wood and plasterboard walls.

Just follow our 3 easy steps and in minutes you have solved your DIY problem

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WETNFIX® is handy...

- when a hole drilled in the wall is too big to secure a wall plug

- the walls are too crumbly to support a new wall plug and screw

- a fixture or fitting is loose or detaching from the wall

- the hole crumbles or expands with every turn of the screw

- you need to fix bathroom or kitchen fittings such as a shelf, picture hook, towel rack , curtain pole... and much more


WETNFIX® was voted one of the most outstanding and innovative products in the United Kingdom and United States, and was awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Innovation.



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